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Our Capabilities

Consensus Building

The process of creating an environment that encourages excellence in learning should be interactive. We believe the best facility plans are driven by stakeholder consensus. Therefore, it is critical early in the process to engage all stakeholders and ensure buy-in from all those who touch the project.

Total Project Development

Our team is highly focused and committed to identifying and solving any potential issues with a project before they arise. We apply our wide range of expertise to every phase of the process to ensure seamless and successful execution.


We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to student housing needs, as each campus has its own unique architectural character that speaks to the mission and vision of its institution. At UHS, we develop facilities that complement and enhance their surroundings, as well as campus lifestyle.


Every college and university has distinctive financial requirements when determining the feasibility of a new student housing project. We recognize the need for flexibility and work closely alongside our clients to structure a highly specific and customized package to meet not just some but all of their housing needs.


At UHS, we truly believe that a successful student housing facility should be both completely functional and environmentally pleasing. Therefore, every design element we propose is preceded by scrutiny of its function. Our team of award-winning professionals strives to achieve a delicate balance of creativity, efficiency, and affordability that we refer to as “responsible design.”


We manage every aspect of the construction process so you don’t have to, ensuring a quality project at a cost safe from inflation by “unknowns.” We also recognize and understand that every project must be completed as safely and efficiently as possible, with minimal interference to the day-to-day activities of the active, surrounding campus.