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Our Services

University Housing Solutions is your comprehensive answer to all your campus housing needs. As a decision-maker, you face the challenge of selecting a development partner who is both reliable and experienced, all while considering factors such as budget, schedule, integrity, and quality for your project. We address all these concerns through a single-source solution. With extensive expertise in both new construction and renovation, our team has the ability to turn your vision into reality.

Site Planning & Design

In partnership with our higher education clients, we offer complete site planning and design services. This results in the creation of buildings that are not only efficient and modern but also meet the expectations of today’s students. Every building is uniquely designed to harmonize with the surrounding campus context and framework.


We’ve designed a unique financing approach tailored to the needs of small, private institutions that may not have the substantial endowments enjoyed by their public counterparts. Through our innovative P3 model, your institution can embark on new housing projects without shouldering significant debt burdens. We boast robust financial capabilities and ready access to capital, allowing us to get projects out of the ground quickly without enduring the typical delays of construction financing.


At UHS, we maintain an internal construction management team deeply engaged in every project. We oversee all facets of the construction process, guaranteeing a high-quality outcome without cost uncertainties. Moreover, we prioritize efficiency and safety, ensuring minimal disruption to your institution’s daily activities during project execution.

Master Planning

UHS extends its master planning services beyond student housing to encompass our partner institutions’ broader needs. Collaboratively, we craft a tailored campus master plan that factors in the school’s existing infrastructure and expansion goals. This plan will identify areas for growth while optimizing campus circulation and preserving open spaces for communal gatherings and recreational activities.