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The UHS Advantage

As a decision-maker, you’re faced with the challenge of selecting a reliable and experienced construction partner, while simultaneously managing the cost, schedule, integrity, and quality of your project. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why our team truly embodies each institution’s mission, vision, and unique needs and makes them our own. Through our extensive experience in new construction, renovation, remodeling, and maintenance, we develop and execute a custom-tailored plan for each project, resulting in unmatched value for our clients.

Frank. E. Murphy Foundation

Dedicated to academic support for student success in higher education.

UHS has a long history of not only building student housing, but also supporting the long-term sustainability and growth of the institutions we partner with. Our CEO Frank Murphy established a first-of-its-kind foundation within his own personal trust dedicated explicitly to the advancement of higher education. Having started his career as a teacher, he saw first-hand the impact of a quality education on his students, but particularly those from lower-income families and backgrounds. The same passion and commitment to serving the next generation instilled in him during his time as an educator persists to this day.

The Frank E. Murphy Foundation, in tandem with University Housing Solutions, provides much-needed financial support to higher education institutions, maximizing their impact and ensuring more students can grow and thrive in their halls. Through our partnership with the Foundation, UHS provides immense added value to small, private college and university clients in the form of major philanthropic investments — placing us in a field of our own above our competitors.

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