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In 2008, University Housing Solutions(UHS) emerged as a subsidiary of the esteemed Murphy Group, leveraging over 30 years of real estate development experience. UHS has since gained recognition as a leading developer in the student housing sector. We view our clients as our true partners, not merely opportunities for standalone projects. This approach has cultivated a track record of satisfied, returning clients and enthusiastic references eager to share their experiences working with our team.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to development leveraging a skilled team of professionals comprising architects, construction managers, real estate attorneys, and financial experts. Our diverse and talented group collaborates closely, ensuring a shared comprehension of our clients’ visions. We take pride in our role as creators, problem solvers, and efficient project managers.

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, attorneys, accountants, architects, real estate and construction specialists, and support staff who share a deep commitment to serving our clients with passion and integrity.

We are creators, thinkers, problem solvers, & managers, working in close collaboration to identify solutions and produce results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Jim Schmidt


Jim Schmidt, President

Jim, serving as President and one of the principal owners of UHS since its establishment in 2008, plays a pivotal role in guiding the organization’s growth. Having graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1986, he brings over three decades of project management and design experience to the UHS team, having personally designed and constructed dozens of student housing projects totaling 6,000+ beds. In his role as president, he assumes a hands-on role, overseeing every facet of the development process. His innovative approach to development has cultivated a loyal client network, underscoring UHS as the go-to choice for new on-campus endeavors.

Prior to UHS, Jim had a successful 40-year career as a principal/president at MKC Architects, with a specific focus on higher educational design. His dual expertise in architecture and student housing development positions him as a seasoned professional dedicated to enhancing university environments.

Mike Bruni


Mike Bruni, CFO

Mike has been with UHS since its inception, serving the company as one of its principal owners. In his role as CFO, he plays a crucial role in managing UHS’s operational finances, overseeing budgeting, and handling accounting cost reports. Mike is dedicated to ensuring transparency in every project by providing clients with detailed analyses that keep them informed throughout the project life cycle.

Prior to UHS, Mike served as the regional controller for a highly esteemed management group, where he played a central part in orchestrating the daily operations of a diverse portfolio, consisting of over 25 corporations with an extensive network of facilities spanning the globe. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Ohio State University in 1990.

Jim Harkin

VP of Development & Construction

Jim Harkin, VP of Development & Construction

Jim joined UHS in 2021 as the Vice President of Development and Construction, serving as a crucial link between the company, their architects, consultants, and project managers. His responsibilities extend to leading the construction efforts for building and site development. Leveraging his active role as an architect, Jim is at the forefront of UHS’s design endeavors, ensuring that each project not only meets the specific needs of UHS clients but also adheres to standards of efficiency and excellence.

Before joining UHS, Jim served as Principal & SVP at FRCH Architects (now Nelson Architects), a top-10 U.S. architecture firm. In his 35-year tenure, he oversaw business and architecture in the Retail and Mixed-Use division, leading the design of 200+ shopping centers and various projects in retail, office, higher education, and healthcare. Jim is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and is both a licensed architect and NCARB-accredited professional.

Meghan Schmidt

Vice President of Real Estate

Meghan Schmidt, Vice President of Real Estate

Meghan officially joined UHS in 2019, building on an initial internship with the firm in 2012. As Vice President of Real Estate, she assumes a multifaceted role overseeing the entire project life cycle, from inception to completion. Serving as the primary liaison between UHS and its clients, Meghan takes on various responsibilities. She oversees project budgeting and financial modeling, leads business development efforts, and takes on a project management role during the course of design and construction, ensuring seamless coordination among cross-functional teams.

Before joining UHS, Meghan accumulated 5 years of industry experience as a broker with CBRE, renowned as the world’s largest commercial real estate company. At CBRE, she represented a diverse portfolio of top-tier retail and restaurant clients, providing strategic market planning and site acquisition services. Meghan graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, where she excelled in their competitive real estate program.

Alan Price

Director of Construction

Alan Price, Senior Project Manager

Alan joined UHS in 2012, initially as an intern, and has since evolved into a key team member. A graduate of The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Real Estate, Alan brings a rich knowledge base and a distinctive skill set in commercial real estate, particularly in construction. Having gained experience as both a subcontractor and a General Contractor (GC), Alan leads all collaboration with the construction team. His comprehensive understanding allows him to ensure that the UHS product delivered to partner institutions aligns with the needs of all stakeholders involved.