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Mayfield Hall Renovation

Rosemont College

Philadelphia, PA

At A Glance

28,256 SF



Project Overview

Mayfield Hall, a stunning stone structure nestled at the heart of Rosemont’s campus, has a rich history. Originally constructed in 1929, it served the campus of Rosemont as a dining hall but was later converted to a dormitory and has functioned as a residence hall since.

Recognizing the need to bring it up to contemporary standards, UHS was enlisted to orchestrate a comprehensive renovation of this historic residence hall. The project scope included a complete demolition of the existing interior, paving the way for a modern room layout and the creation of spacious common areas conducive to gathering, dining, and studying. These interior improvements, in harmony with the enduring character of the building, are set to fashion a distinctive, timeless space that will endure for generations to come.