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Murphy Hall Renovation

St. Thomas University

Miami, FL

At A Glance

29,745 SF

102 BEDS


Project Overview

Murphy Family Hall, previously known as Donnellon Hall, marked UHS’ first project on the St. Thomas University campus. This extensive renovation focused on transforming the one-bedroom dorm-style units into what we refer to as ‘Hybrid-Style’ units, which offer a blend of dormitory and apartment living. In these units, two double-occupancy bedrooms share a private restroom and a compact living area, resulting in a more appealing and student-friendly housing option.

The exterior of the building underwent a revitalization to harmonize with the recent Cascia Hall Renovation, adopting a stucco and brick facade. Additionally, the lobby was redesigned to incorporate larger glass areas, allowing ample natural light to filter in while offering scenic views of the surrounding campus.