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The Landings Residence Hall

Terra State Community College

Fremont, OH

At A Glance

94,000 SF

200 BEDS



Project Overview

Embodied most readily by the Farmstead, Terra State Community College is a school where one not only finds their place, but one from which to grow. As such, the design of Terra Village represents the rich heritage of this inherent progression with its use of the site through architecture to create a place for students to live, learn, and grow.

The proposed building massing & organization embodies the design of a refined industrial silo aesthetic. The primary massing stems from three main silos – two at each pivot point and the third facing campus – which serve to anchor the building within the site while connecting with the existing vernacular. While large, the building is separated into three masses, and a pass-thru is provided to allow an uninterrupted connection with parking and nature trails from campus. Retail is provided on the ground floor, while the administration portion of the program is allocated at the primary entrance.