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Cleary University Phase I & II – New Student Apartments

New Student Apartments

Howell, MI

In 2014 Cleary University commissioned UHS to develop new student apartments on the Livingston Campus in Howell, Michigan. The resulting design featured one new building with 84 new student beds in a mix of four and six-bedroom apartment-style units. The site is master-planned for an additional 84-bed building at some point in the future. Each floor features seven suites, including the RA suite on the first floor. With the exception of the RA suite, the suites have two semi-private bedrooms – each having a restroom and each suite also has a full kitchen and open living area. The second and third floors feature a student lounge, and the first floor has a lobby with a front reception desk and a study room.

UHS completed Phase II of the project in 2018, which included a variety of 2-bedroom units. Phase II mirrors the existing residence, creating a student commons courtyard and quad for outdoor activities. There is future potential to connect these residence halls with the creation of a dining facility. The primary housing unit is a double occupancy dorm-style unit with two separate beds and workspaces. Rooms include two separate closet spaces. Two rooms are paired together and share a kitchenette and restroom between the two. Phase II was designed to match the architectural characteristics of Phase I while completing a new student exterior space between both buildings. Together, this composition of buildings creates a new student housing hub that will serve the campus for years to come.