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Madonna University Phase II – New Student Residence

New Student Residence

Livonia, MI

With the anticipated influx of students on campus, this new and upgraded living community will provide a holistic environment in which students can grow, learn, and transform. The design of this residential project centered around the concepts of legacy and transformation, paying tribute to Madonna University’s reputation as a school where students can find their place in the physical, as well as the spiritual world.

The site design of the New Student Residence introduces another piece of a larger housing village located just to the north of the University Dining Center. Organized into interwoven ‘U’ shapes, the site layout creates a ‘Quad,’ which brings the scale of the village to the scale of the pedestrian. The building will utilize stone accents to match the style of campus, in particular at entrances and corners, and will also be clad in brick to match the existing brick facade of the adjacent University Center. UHS was proud to join project partners for a groundbreaking ceremony to kick-off construction on Phase II of this five-year housing village in September 2021.