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St. Thomas University Phase I – Donnellon Hall Renovation

Donnellon Hall Renovation

Miami Gardens, FL

The Donnellon Hall Renovation project included a complete overhaul of the building, both interior and exterior. This full-scale renovation involved converting the one-bedroom dorm-style units into what we call ‘Hybrid-Style’ units, which are part dorm, part apartment. Two double-occupancy bedrooms share amenities with an adjacent unit, such as a common living space, kitchenette, and restroom. The building will largely be composed of these hybrid-style units, with five additional dorm-style double occupancy units at each end.

The project also featured completely new laundry facilities, and well as mechanical space, IT and janitor’s closets, and a new lobby area. The exterior of the building was also revitalized to match the recent Cascia Hall Renovation, with a similar stucco and brick facade. The and improved lobby is reconfigured to allow for large expanses of glass – letting light in and views out.