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St. Thomas University Phase II – Hybrid Residential Living & Dining Hall

Hybrid Residential Living and Dining Hall

Miami Gardens, FL

The state-of-the-art new living-learning community at St. Thomas draws inspiration from its history as a Catholic University. The architectural direction of the student housing facilities embodies principles derived from early cathedrals, which provide a large expansive vessel where congregations gather to pray and worship. In a similar fashion, these student housing spaces function as a welcoming place for the entire campus community to learn and grow from one another.

Phase II of the new residential area is a four-story hybrid-style organization located on the northern edge of campus. Because of its proximity to the main entrance, the building takes into consideration views into and out of the units with the use of vertical architectural elements. Directly south of the new residence hall is a new student outdoor space, similar to a quad, adjacent to the lake and trees for students to gather and interact.