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Rosemont College – Mayfield Hall Renovation

Mayfield Hall Renovation

Rosemont, PA

Mayfield Hall is a beautiful stone building located at the heart of Rosemont’s campus. Built in 1929, it was originally designed to serve the campus as a dining hall. It was later converted to a dormitory and has since served the college as a student housing facility. The exterior of the building has stood the test of time and provides invaluable architectural features. For this reason, minimal exterior work is required. The project will include new windows, new mechanical systems (allowing the removal of existing window units), and other systems updates with little impact to the existing structure while bringing the facility into the 21st century. This project is rooted in the preservation and revitalization of a campus landmark.

The majority of the effort in this project will be directed to the building’s interior. Inside, it is easy to see how these living conditions could improve. The proposal is a complete demolition of the existing interior conditions. This will allow for a modern room configuration and spacious common rooms. New systems, finishes, furniture, etc., paired with the lasting character of the building, will create a unique, timeless space.