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Unit Types

UHS has undertaken extensive studies to find appropriate unit type styles to minimize square footage, maximize efficiency and student enjoyment. These unit types, along with our various bathroom types, can be combined in a great number of ways to produce a truly unique plan that increases variety and flexibility. Moreover, these units are designed to keep costs down while still providing ample space for student experience through social interaction and study space.

Shown below are 7 different unit types, ranging from single-occupancy up to stand-alone apartments. Each of the units can be adjusted for ADA accessibility.

Freshman Suite

An adaptation of the single-bedroom apartment, this studio apartment features a large living/sleeping space. Through a series of studies, we determined the most optimized layout for a single occupancy room is the studio-style apartment. By eliminating a wall that separates the living space from the bedroom, the apartment opens up, making the space feel more inviting.

Sophomore Suite
Two-Bedroom Single Occupancy

This two-bedroom single occupancy is one of the most traditional and widely accepted two-bedroom units. The two living quarters connect to a large living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Each bedroom has their own bed, desk, and closet space. The shared living space, while large, is internalized and does not include exterior windows.

Junior Suite
Two-Bedroom Double Occupancy

The double occupancy equivalent of the standard two-bedroom apartment features twice the occupancy load with only a 1/2 increase in size. Besides twice the amount of beds, there are many benefits of the double occupancy apartment of the single, including shared closet space in the living room, a pantry/storage closet, and two en-suite bathrooms. Moreover, the living space has exterior windows, allowing for natural lighting in the primary living/study spaces. This unit is the most efficient unit containing a living space [beds / sf].

Junior Suite
Four-Bedroom Apartment

The largest apartment deployed, this four-bedroom apartment suite features generous living, kitchen, and bedroom spaces. Each bedroom is located on the exterior walls, allowing for views and light. The primary living space also features windows. Previous experience with this unit has indicated that it is best located at the end of wings or on corners of the building, providing an architectural feature that ‘bookends’ the building.

Junior Suite
Hybrid-Style Unit

Building upon the best of both words from the organization of our dorm-style layout and our apartment-style layout, the Hybrid-Style unit is arranged to bring privacy with two separate bedrooms while providing a shared communal kitchenette and restroom. The bedrooms include two work spaces and two closet spaces, in addition to storage shelving in the kitchenette. The arrangement of the Hybrid-Style unit allows for maximum efficiency while still providing an ‘in-unit’ kitchen and bathrooms. This is the most efficient unit we have deployed [beds/sf].